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Labor Day 2014: Minimum Wage to Rise but Challenges RemainAugust 13, 2014

"Labor Day 2014" examines trends that are shaping the economic lives of working people in Massachusetts and describes effective policies that could move our Commonwealth towards a future with greater economic opportunity and security for all.

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Uplifting the Whole Child: Using Wraparound Services to Overcome Social Barriers to Learning August 11, 2014

To help children overcome non-academic barriers to success, a number of districts across the country have implemented wraparound services in their schools. Recent research shows that these programs can improve both the academic and life success of the students who are served. This report examines evidence on the effectiveness of these programs, describes progress being made in Massachusetts, and estimates costs for implementing evidence-based practices more widely.

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Earned Paid Sick Time – Frequently Asked Questions July 31, 2014

At some point in their lives, all workers experience a personal health issue or family illness. Yet in Massachusetts, as in most states, if you are sick and have to miss work, not only can you miss a day’s worth of pay, but you can also get fired. In order to better address these issues, a growing number of cities and one state have passed earned paid sick time laws. Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about this important issue.

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