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Inflation Adjustment
  • CPI: adjusts for changes in the cost of goods and services purchased by consumers
  • IPD: adjusts for changes in the cost of goods and services purchased by governments
  • Economic Growth: adjusts for changes in the size of the state economy (measured in terms of total personal income)
  • None: does not capture changes in the value of a dollar over time.

Mentoring Matching Grants


funding levels adjusted for inflation (CPI)

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Adjusted for inflation (CPI) NOT adjusted
FY19 SWM $475,000 $475,000
FY18 $485,801 $475,000
FY17 $522,513 $500,000
FY16 $532,221 $500,000
FY15 $422,206 $394,000
FY14 $377,744 $350,000
FY13 $383,616 $350,000
FY12 $278,624 $250,000
FY11 $114,723 $100,000
FY10 $116,999 $100,000
FY09 $611,214 $517,320
FY08 $853,010 $712,000
FY07 $884,654 $712,000
FY06 $365,863 $287,000
FY05 $379,684 $287,000
FY04 $391,091 $287,000
FY03 $696,373 $500,000
FY02 $1,324,642 $930,600
FY01 $1,448,634 $1,000,000
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Funding for Mentoring Matching Grants

comparisons adjusted for inflation (CPI)

The Mentoring Matching Grants program funds competitive grants to public and private mentoring programs that connect young people with adult mentors. Quality mentoring is a common youth development strategy, supporting young people in becoming engaged members of their community. Mentoring programs can help youth improve self-confidence, self-esteem, academic perseverance, and achievement.

Grants are administered by the Mass Mentoring Partnership, which also partners with the Massachusetts Service Alliance to strengthen mentoring programs across the state. State dollars must be matched 1 to 1 by funds from the agencies receiving grants. Mentoring Matching Grants are targeted towards expanding mentoring opportunities, either by starting new programs or growing existing ones.

In FY 2015, Mentoring Matching Grants funding was sufficient to award grants to 31 mentoring programs, which matched over 1300 youth with mentors.

Updated September 2016

Adjusted for inflation (CPI) NOT adjusted
FY19 SWM $475,000 $475,000
FY19 Hou $750,000 $750,000
FY19 HWM $750,000 $750,000
FY19 Gov $475,000 $475,000
FY18 $485,801 $475,000